Confessions of A Carb Queen

The Lies We Tell Others...The Lies We Tell Ourselves.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

March 10th....

Wow! What an outpouring of thoughts from all of you guys!

I had to pick here it goes....

Someone wrote to me and told me that they are in the house a lot and therefore are in silence. Well...sorry to say...I used to be in the house all the time too, but my head was full of noise. Calming that inner brain (the amigdalya..hope I'm spelling that correctly!) is what I really mean about silence. You can be in the quietest of rooms and have the noisest thoughts. I used to have that all the time. I used to get a headache and then think...why in the world do I have a headache when it's so quiet??? Realizing that IN my head wasn't quiet at all!!!

Guys and's NOT about the food!!!! ALL DIETS WORK! Weight Watchers for me happens to be working...but it's creating the life that you want. Dealing, in a healthy way, with the adversities that happen EVERY SINGLE DAY!

More later.....keep keeping me posted!!! You guys are MY inspiration!

Warmly, Susan

Thursday, March 08, 2007

March 8th....

Thank you all for your emails! You're stories are truely inspiring and I continue to learn from each and every one of you!!

I've learned over the past few weeks that silence is so important. So many things go on during the day that it's so hard to focus on our health - which in reality is the only important thing. We take it for granted and I've made a committment not to live in the whirl-wind anymore. I'm taking the time out for me to just "be." Silence. Calming that inner brain so you're able to refresh yourself and get back to life.

Think about silence!

Keep keeping me posted!!!! You guys are my rock!

Warmly, Susan