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Monday, January 05, 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR...blah, blah, blah...

Hey All!

Why is it that the New Year is so significant to changing our lives? Really...I mean in some way I really don't get it. Here you your life...and then all of a sudden just a few months away you decide that you are going to change something significant? Dating, weight, look, attitude, job etc. etc. Why wait? Do you think that is why many of us don't succeed? That people want to make the change but they really don't want to put the work into making those hard changes? So instead, they push it off, as long as they can, until D-Day...January 1st. January 1st, 12:01am, that is when "I begin!" But then what? Are you prepared to make those changes? Do you know what you are getting yourself into? Are you setting yourself up for failure? Are you your soul of quit smoking? No turning back, no hesitations?

Here is what I is what I did this year....I decided in late November that I'm not waiting until January 1st for any resolutions. That my resolutions start..NOW! I'm going to stop procrastinating in getting a car, I'm going to start back at the gym...REGUARLY!...I'm going to clean out my voice mail box so my friends stop hearing, "The mailbox is full!"...and I'm going to tweek my life in such a way that I'm living MY best life! I didn't wait until January 1st...and I'm glad because by the time January 1st rolled around I didn't lose any time. I didn't make it a milestone of expectations. I just "did it!" It's in my soul of souls to want to change....AGAIN!!!!!!

What's your life look like this time 2010?

Warmly, Susan


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