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Friday, October 31, 2008


I grew up in New Rochelle at a time when it was more than OK to send your kids out trick or treating to stranger's houses! My favorite was the lady up the street who gave out FULL SIZE Hershey bars!!!! She only allowed us to take one and we had to take it slowly...not like my Uncle Joe would affectionately call us! LOLO!

I currently live in New York City where I see the cutest kids (not cuter than my nephew and niece!!...but then I'm biased!) Trick or Treating AT DUANE READE!!!! For anyone who isn't from New York...that is a drug store!!! So there I am getting some cotton balls and nail polish remover and there is a woman with her kid dressed up as a robot (store bought..I mean really...where are the kids imagination these days!!) she was getting Stay Free Maxi Pads and her kid was screaming Trick or Treat!!! The cashier took the cash for the woman's product and handed the kid two small pieces of candy that he proceeded to eat with the plastic on!!! (My niece and nephew wouldn't do that!!...but then again I'm biased :)

So if you're going out with your kids Trick or Treating...remember to explain to your kids about portion control!! Be the best role model for them by eating healthy and exercising!!! Nothing wrong with one or two bite size Snickers...but freeze the rest and portion out accordingly!

Enjoy and BE SAFE!!!!!

More later...

Keep me posted!

Warmly, Susan


At 7:28 AM, Blogger Stacey said...

You are such a great inspiration.
I just finished your book this morning while I snacked on the kid's candy bars from last night's "haul", and washed it down with coffee. I read your words and like you, I know what to do but how do I find the strength in ME to begin the journey?? I need to lose 100 pounds. I am tall so "I carry it well" whatever that means. That is what THEY say. I should not listen to "them". They should try carrying it and see if they think it is so "well". I am unhappy and like you I feed my emotions with all the comforts of food. It is instant gratification. The rush of sugar envelops me like a big hug. I have a close support system, but I shut them out and choose to remain in my own world of lying and hiding and eating in private. Whenever there is a window of opportunity, I binge, like it is some sort of timed game until someone returns to the room. Food is controlling me. It is in my thoughts every minute of every day. I need to change, I HAVE to.

You are a hero.



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