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The Lies We Tell Others...The Lies We Tell Ourselves.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

There is no reality only....

There is no reality...only perception. For example:

1. That person has it sooo put together
2. I wish I had what that other person had
3. That person must make more money than me
4. That person must be soooo happy
5. Only if [fill in the blank!]
6. That person must be thrilled because [fill in the blank!]

There is no reality...only perception.

Yesterday, I was talking with my husband and a person that we know casually comes up to us and starts talking. He starts telling us how his office space is so expensive and that he was thinking about moving his location to a remote location within NYC. So I said to him, "Well, that might be great, but it might be a big problem for your employees." He just sort of chuckled and said, "What, I have 2 takes Access-a-Ride (which is a no cost cab service for the infirmed and/or elderly) and the other one..well...if he wants to keep his job he'll have to figure out a way to make it to work." He then said to us, "Good thing I got an apartment years ago because I wouldn't be able to afford anything now."

Now, just months earlier we had gone to his apartment for a get together. To say that it is a sprawling apartment is an understatement. Simply beautiful. Gorgeous. It just seemed clear to me that he must be have everything in his life that he could possible want and he must have a huge business to support this type of lifestyle. But reality is....there is not reality...only perception. I perceived something based on what I saw, not what was reality.

Similar to how we view ourselves. Haven't all of us thought badly about ourselves and then seen pictures and thought..."hey, I look good! What the heck was I thinking!" There is no reality...only perception.

So perceive your way to a beautiful inside....and the beautiful outside will surely catch up!

Keep me posted!

Susan :)


At 3:05 PM, Anonymous Bridget said...

Beautiful words to live by! I'm half-way through you book and decided to google you. Your words are inspiring.
Warm wishes,


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