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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Letting it all go!

Hi All!

Sometimes we all get so wrapped up in expectations. Expectations of where, what and how we THINK we should be, how we should live and how we should think. New York City is a tough place to just "be" sometimes. Before our honeymoon to Israel, I found my self so wrapped up in all things needed to lose weight. A therapist, a trainer, a gym, Weight Watchers, and 24 hours a day of thinking and planning of how I was going to make it happen. So wound up, that I lost sight of what I had learned at the Rice House. To let it all go.....

Israel gave me the ability to let it all go. I can imagine any vacation for 2 weeks could do that to a person. Everyone needs to get away. To reevaluate what is what in their lives. And I did just that....

I am not seeing my therapist anymore, I'm not seeing my trainer, I'm not going to Weight Watchers and I'm not thinking about "it" 24 hours a day. What I am doing is just "being." We got home on a Friday morning. Friday afternoon I had gone to a local bookstore and picked up a copy of The Rice Diet Solution. I figured if that is what worked in the past, why wouldn't it work now? The problem was, is that I HAD tried the Rice Diet since I've been back. The difference is, though, I was doing the program as it was in the clinic. After I read the book, I realized that they had adopted a "home version" that was similar, of course, but quite different as well. There was definately more food. The reason why I was failing at the program the past two years when I tried it was that I was too restricted. I was doing Phase I as they do it in the clinic for 2 WEEKS! The "home version" is that you do for 1 DAY a week! The Phase I in the book is really almost like a Phase III for the clinic!! There is completely no dairy at the clinic and in the first week it is suggested to have dairy. Now..I can kick myself all I want and wonder why hadn't I purchased this book before...but I'm not going to do that. In one week, I have lost 14 pounds...yes mostly water, I know (especially with all that yummy Israeli hummus!! :)...but I HAVE to tell you...the concept of eating a whole food diet (not being ON a whole food diet...note the difference) absolutely gives you so much more energy, makes you feel so much better on a daily basis and I can only imagine how my heart, lungs, feet and skin must be thanking me!!!

So throw away all of the processed/prepackaged "health" cookies, frozen dinners and low-fat junk food and make your way to the fruit and vegi aisle of your local supermarket or better yet..farmer's market! Get some whole wheat pasta, some sundried tomatoes and eggplant and squash and make yourself an amazing dinner!!!!!

Keep me posted!!

Warmly, Susan


At 6:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Susan. Sounds like you are getting some well deserved peace. I have really thought about what you said about letting it all go. I did get a copy of your book and am loving it so far. Sadly, I can see so much of myself it hurts, but again, that means I'm not as alone as I have always believed. Keep the faith!

At 9:13 AM, Anonymous denise said...

I went on the Rice Diet a few years ago, when I saw your story in Womans World, and lost 25#. I gained it all back. I bought your book Monday, and it was so inspirational. My husband died in Iraq 12/31/07, and I have been dealing with the grief with sweets! (my downfall). I am so glad you have this blog because when I finished the book, I felt like it was "over" -- and by finding the blog, I feel it is not over. It is a continuing story. I don't know if I am strong enough emotionally to go completely back on Phase I, but I am heading out now for fruits and veggies instead of cake!

At 11:55 PM, Blogger paprgl said...

Of course, I picked up your book when I posted my blog on 3FatChicks... I thought you did a terrific job describing the addiction many of us have to food. Wow.

But I, too, wondered about restrictions.. I have started pretty narrow with my food choices b/c I am not much of a cook. Nor do I feel inclined to be much of a cook... Maybe that will change. But, eventually, there is such a thing as maintenance, and it's that point where I think the choices get really rough.

Give me a simple plan with 5,6 different foods and I'm good. Give me choices... Not so sure..


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