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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Life's Ups and Downs

Hey All!

Wow...what a journey this has been! Thank you all so much for your amazing emails. Your support is so inspirational to me!!! Some days are tougher than others, but the key is to KEEP GOING!!!!! Through ALL of the ups and downs...and trust me...we ALL have them!!! Keep yourself positive by keeping yourself around positive people. On that note...I have to share something with you guys....

So, today is my husband's birthday. First, I can't believe that I'm saying the words "my husband!!" That's for a whole other post! we woke up...I gave him his four ties (no place like TJMaxx for a good sale on some great lookin' ties!) and a pair of yoga pants (yes, real men do me!!!)...I went to my Weight Watcher's meeting, which went great!, and when I got home we had some breakfast. We were reading the Sunday newspaper when I turned the page and saw the derriere of a very sexy lady right there in the New York Post, in full color, with her perky tushy in a tiny pair of underwear. I said to my husband jokingly, "How did they get a picture of my tushy?" Without hesitation and with so much love in his eyes my husband responded, "You have a much sexier tushy than she does!" In that moment, I felt so loved and so safe. Whether or not I do or don't have a sexier tushy than the model in the tiny blue underwear in the Sunday New York Post doesn't matter to husband thinks I do and that made me feel like the most beautiful girl in the world!

So what I am saying? Keep yourself around positive people who bring out the best in you, who is supportive of your dreams and who only want to lift you up and give you that feeling of conquering the world! YOU DESERVE IT!!!

You guys are my inspiration!!! Keep me posted!!

Warmly, Susan


At 5:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good Morning Susan!

I read your book and blog and have to say...THANK YOU FOR THE INSPIRATION!

I JUST turned 40 on March 4th and can relate to soooo much of what you wrote. I weigh 325.6#, so obviously I relate to THAT, but also the INTERNET MEN thing! I can't tell you how many times I was in the same situation. Men fell in love with me online but once they met me...THE was a huge problem.

I have to GRATEFULLY say, I haven't been online in about a year, and I ended my unhealthy relationship (basically he would come over for 20 minutes of sex, wouldn't kiss me, nothing) about 4 months ago.

NOW, it's time to really tackle this addiction to food. Or using food to make myself NUMB.

Today is day 1 for me. I feel like I can do it, just for today.

Love your blog, please don't stop because you're getting famous and busy!!!!

Thank you for taking the time to touch someone's life...mine.


At 10:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just finish reading your book wow you are amazing!! I am struggling with 50 pounds. How in the world you did it you are truly inspirational. I can't seem to get anywhere on getting with the program. I just keep cheating and going up up and up on the scales. My question to you is are you still planning on getting weightloss surgery? Thanks, Tracy

At 9:29 PM, Blogger greatsal said...

Dear Susan,

I just finished reading Confessions of a Carb Queen! Girlfriend, we are kindred spirits! I laughed, cried, and so related to so much that you went through!!! I just want to let you know that you are sure to be such an inspiration to all who read your book! You're the best! Hey, you need to come to Houston for a book signing...we fatties here in the South want to hug you! Sally

At 8:12 AM, Blogger Writing Nag said...

I'm about halfway through your book and I'm so impressed with your honesty and openness. It's a very inspiring book. Congrats on all of your successes, you've worked very hard for them.

At 11:33 AM, Anonymous Rebecca Tryon said...

you are an inspiration! I found your book yesterday and read 1/2 of it in the store.

I can relate in many ways, as I am a sugar junkie and it has been the most influential aspect of my life.

I have a blog dedicated to living without white sugar/flour at: I'm putting your book and blog up there for sure!
Thank you for being honest and courageous to pave the way for others as well.

In health,

At 6:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very inspirational, you are.
My actual question has to do with genealogy though. Do the Blech's hail from Poland or Germany?
Bobbi Blech

At 6:08 PM, Anonymous serena said...


I am happy for you and just from reading Confessions of a Carb Queen, (which I finished in 2 days) I sincerely believe that you deserve nothing less. I remember some of the guys you wrote about in the book and although I laughed I am so happy you never lowered your standards.
You are an inspiration to me. I am about 15-20 pounds overweight and pretty close to exceeding my weight standards for work (I'm in the Coast Guard) but reading your stuff reminds me to be positive. Oh and your pasta sauce recipe rocks my socks. I am glad i got to say something to you, and honestly i cant believe it was this easy. you are doing great, just keep it up.

At 6:09 PM, Blogger Ally said...

I am a 21 year old fat girl in the process of loosing weight. Your book is the most amazing thing I have ever read! I cannot thank you enough for writing down exactly how I feel but everything I've been too embarrassed to say. Do you allow readers to send you e-mails? I would like to send you an e-mail (this blog is a little too out in the open for me!!) If you don't mind giving out your e-mail adress I would just love to be in touch. Please let me know. THANK YOU! and thank you for letting me know I am not alone.

At 8:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Susan!
I just picked up your book yesterday, thought I'd look to see if you had a blog, and here I am.
Wow...can identify with your memoire.
I am 230 lbs and was considering lap band. However, the risks scared me and I am gaining hope from reading your story.
One thing, though...I was sishing there were more photos of you in the book beside that 1.
In googling your blog I found out that there was that People Mag article about you(pictures of your sizes) which I will find at the library archives and read for more encouragement in dealing with this weight thing..
Thanks for sharing your story.


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