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Monday, November 19, 2007

Update! weight is great! Up and down the same 20 pounds since I've been back! I've combined the Rice House philosophy of lower sodium with the freedom of Weight Watchers. I have had so many changes in my life this past year and having structure has been the main thing that has helped me through it all!! Don't get me hasn't been a bed of roses!! It's been very tough at times! But I keep up with the exercise and I keep positive. I reach out to my support system, when needed. I know that I, and only I, create my destiny!!! You can do the same for your life!!

Keep me posted!! Your emails mean the world to me!!!

Warmly, Susan


At 10:30 AM, Anonymous Mindy Seal said...

thank god for this post.
I just started with wieght watchers a couple of weeks ago, wanting to combine what I had learned at the Rice House, with the support of weight watchers. So far making that connection is giving me trouble. I like the community of wieght watchers, but I feel a bit overwhelmed by the points. Any suggestions on how do you mesh the two plans together?


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