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Monday, December 03, 2007

The Holiday Season is Upon Us!!!

Hey Everyone!
Thank you so much for all of your emails!! I'm so glad that you all are gaining inspiration and motivation!!

I wanted to give some unique tips this holiday season:

1. Don't just eat proper portions during this holiday season because you are forcing yourself....realize that you are worth making an effort to eat in proper portion control.

2. Make exercise part of your daily routine. This is a must, not just for the holiday season. Exercise is different for everyone. Some people can just get out of bed and walk back and forth around the house and some people can do three hours at the gym. Whatever is exercise for you...THAT'S YOUR EXERCISE!!!! Keep up the hard work and you will all be in the gym doing kick boxing and a killer ab class!!!

3. Give. Give of yourself. Give of your time. Give to charity. Giving to someone less fortunate...taking the time to talk to someone when they really just need to vent, buying a toy for a toy drive...these are all ways of giving. Find your unique way to give this holiday season. It will, hopefully, make you realize what you have to be grateful for in this world.

4. Don't make a resolution. I know..sounds crazy because isn't that what we all do??? But do something different and let the New Year blend into your life instead of making promises to yourself that may be hard to keep "perfect." The minute we don't meet our expectations of that resolution, we begin the same cycle of low self esteem and shame. Enjoy the New Year celebration with moderation and a feeling of renewal. Allow yourself the time to create change and welcome change in your life without expectations.

I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season so far!!!!

Keep me posted on how your doing!!!

Warmly, Susan


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