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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Turkey Day!

Well guys...I made it through! How did you all do? We had the usual..turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce etc. It was my four year anniversary of losing the weight so it had special signficiance to me this year. I remember my first week at the Rice House...I asked if I could particpate in the turkey dinner that everyone else was having at the Rice House. Since it was my first week I was supposed to stay on rice and fruit..but come was Thanksgiving!!! Well, the nutritionist said something to me that I will always remember, "There will be other Thanksgivings Susan." And there have been!!!!

So I enjoyed myself with my family and friends. Had a little of this and a little of that. We went on a hike near my brother's house before having a little dessert...and then it was over. No food fireworks, no food drama. All is good and I couldn't be happier!!!

December 26th is coming around the corner and soon I'll be seeing CONFESSIONS OF A CARB QUEEN in all the bookstores!! Whoa! What a journey!!! And so it will continue this journey of mine!

Write to me and let me know how your thanksgiving went!!! The best tip I could give you all is to accept who you are where ever you are. If you like yourself....everyone will also like you!!!!!

Write to me your holiday tip!!

Warmly, Susan


At 9:23 AM, Blogger Latinbomb said...

Hello Susan:)

My name is Nuris, Im a 30 year old hispanic female living in Rhode Island, but was raised in the Bronx. I just wanted to say thank you for writting such an inspirational and personal book. You really touched me,and made me laugh,and even cry. Im 4'11" and have always been a little over weight by about 20-30lbs it has always been a struggle for me since my teenage years so it was very easy for me to relate to everything you went through.

You have given me strength through your words.


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