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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Holidays, Holidays, Holidays!!!!!

Damn this is hard! Visiting this person and that person..."OH, do you want to come over on Sunday...we're having a party." That's code for....yummy food, off my schedule, desserts (notice the plural!), wine, cheeses...need I go onnnnnn!!! It's hard, very hard. I'm working out every day. That is a MUST! However, even that can get hard when I'm off my schedule and eating higher fat foods and more sodium and getting to bed later than usual. But this is life. Life is about choices. Life has its ups and downs, sideways and backways. I'm living my life happily and enjoying the little extras that I'm eating, compensating by exercising more and being conscious of everything that I put in my mouth. As long as I do all of that....I'll be OK!!!!

So glad to get everyone's emails!!! Seems like others are having challenges, so we're in this boat together!! We'll make it through...just ENJOY every minute!!! Before you know it we'll be talking about spring time and summer shorts!

Keep me posted!!

Warmly, Susan


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