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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Snow's a comin'!!

Hey y'all!...(feelin' kinda southern today! :)

I have this "thing" about coats. I don't like them. Growing up we had them. Even had some gloves. But when we lost the gloves we used socks. Don't ask me how tube socks kept our hands warm...but somehow they did!!

So last year when I complained and complained to my husband that I was cold he said to me, "next year will be different!" And it is! Let's just say from July he kept reminding me that I need to get a coat! Since I've always been in the "I'm going to wait because I'm going to lose the last 40 or so pounds....and I don't want to have to get two differnt size coats!" frame of mind...I waited until the last minute! 4o pounds still intact! I got a coat...and guess what...I even got a rain coat! Boy, do I look sassy in a red rain coat!!! :)

Today it is supposed to snow...not Minnesota or North Dakota snow...but New York City drizzle snow that after it stops will make everything really gross and mushy on the sidewalks and that gross dirty snow smell that permeates into the subway...kinda snow. I don't complain that I'm cold anymore, and in fact, really like my new purchases!

Still workin' on the 40, but you know what....I'm happy...REALLY happy.....40 pounds or not!

Keep me posted!

Warmly, Susan


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