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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Day 5....Keepin' going

Quote of the day:

Life may not be the party we hoped for sometimes, but while we are here we might as well dance!


Day 5

Starting: 45 pounds to lose
Loss/Gain: -2.2
Pounds remaining: 37.6
Total for week 0/1 - 10/8:

Vitamins: Yes

Today's Grateful List:
1. angel hair pasta
2. acoustic guitar sets
3. Billy Joel's music on The Stranger

Physical: Forced myself to go to the gym. 1/2 hour eliptical. 20 minute walk to and from gym.
Spiritual: Morning prayer


Five days and counting. I haven't spoke one word about my "quest" to any of my family or friends. Decided that keeping it to myself (and to potentially about 2 bagazzilion people on Myspace!) was the best bet. Action is so much more important than words. It's hard though. The anticipation. So I decided that 1/2 way through 22.5 pounds off, I'm going to treat myself to something spectacular! Don't know what yet...maybe a play, or maybe a massage and facial at the Four Seasons! Hhmmm...something to look forward too. Although, I was eyeing this incredibly cool leather jacket....whatever it is going to be, it will be fun to purchase it knowing that it is a present to myself. Then when I'm totally finished.....a trip to somewhere hot!

Things were a little rough today, but I got through it. 10 breathes, H.A.L.T. etc....But I'm not going to front, sometimes a girl just needs a hug! I had to settle for a long talk with my brother, David, and a quick chats with E-Dog.

Mel sent me an email asking what I eat. So here is basically what I eat on a daily basis while I"m losing weight:

Breakfast: 1 cup of shredded wheat
1/2 cup of manderine oranges, with juice

Snack: 1 piece of fruit...usually banana or grapes

Lunch: 1 cup Pasta with 1 tsp chili oil (I like spice!) and rice vinegar, to taste, pepper
1 fruit...usually grapes

Snack: 1 fruit...usually grapes or banana or fruit in season (watermelon during the summer)

Dinner: 1 cup Pasta with 1 tsp chili oil (I like spice!) and rice vinegar, to taste, pepper
1 cup honeydew and 1 other fruit

Snack: (8pm) 1 piece of some fruit

Sometimes I'll make sushi rice instead of pasta...but very rarely. I'm a creature of habit and I happen to LOVE pasta! When I'm on phase two there are more vegis and salmon, but basically the same as well. Lots of fruit and lots of water!!!! I keep it simple. Don't get me wrong, while I"m maintaining my weight I'll eat some dark chocolate or make some exotic type dish that I would feel comfortable eating. But basically, I stay out of the restaurants and stay extremely active...very important!! Truth is, I enjoy my life so much now that food, most times, takes a back seat to living life. That's truly a gift!!

Ask me any question you would like regarding recipes etc....I'll give you my secrets!!!

That's it for tonight...more tomorrow! Keep me posted!


At 5:53 AM, Anonymous Mel said...

Thanks're a doll! Hugs,Mel


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