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Friday, September 29, 2006

It's Time!

Quote of the day:

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams

Everything happens for a reason. Called bro today. He set me straight...he always does. He accomplished his goal. Got his life on straight and continues to make it every day. SO...

It's time to finish the job started 2 1/2 years ago. No excuses. No pain no gain. Total focus. Complete courage. Once done, long vacation to celebrate were bikinis are only worn. It's truly simple and I know it. I know what it takes and I will make it happen.

I'll make charts. Cancel plans. No dating till mission accomplished! No kissing. Blinders on until mission accomplished.

New Year starting...perfect timing. It's what I want. That I know for sure.

Complete determination, discipline and courage. People are going to be amazed at the tranformation...I will assure you of that. Long and lean, gyrotonics, pilates and dance, walking and hiking, light weights.

Remember bodybuilding philosophy: Create the goal, create the mission and go for it. You control the power.

You only live once...make it your best life.

I'm not at my best life...physically. I know that now. I've accomplished so much, and I've used that as a way of coddelling myself...but there is more now. It will be done. Period. Nothing and no one will get in my way. No emotions. Total analytical mindspace. No fear of the inevidable attention. I pick and chose who I allow in my life...and that will be done carefully. I don't have to worry...d,c,r,m,d,e,m,p....all have my back. They are my support line, the loves of my life...they would never allow anyone to hurt me. They would never allow me to make a mistake. Honesty and loyalty to the bone. I give it and I get it back.

I know I have it in me. I've accomplished everything in my life I have ever set out to do. The car is pulling into the station ready to complete this journey of my life...once in the station, I'll refuel and continue on another beautiful journey with new goals, hopes and dreams.

Get out the way 'cause i'm a comin' home.


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