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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Boot Camp Hell...

Quote of the Day:

It's not what you's what you believe!

6:30pm showed up at the gym ready for a good workout. In walks some militant chick, no joke, short hair, tattoos, 17" waist and 36" chest! OK, she seemed first. Holy smokesssssss....this "girl" had us doing 300 lunges. 300! Does anyone know what a lunge is??? Yes, I did allllll 300! If you have any mercy, someone would be offering me a massage right about now! That's not including the squats, chest presses, push ups, jumping jacks (ok, I had to improvise on the jumping jacks..the "girls" weren't going for that!)...It was horrible...I'm going back next Tuesday at 6:30pm...anyone want to join???

Had a long talk with a friend last was good to catch up.

Monsoon coming in from India soon.....can't wait!

Another long night tonight...but should be a lot of fun! Broke plans for tomorrow night...I need a night to just chill!!

Decided to take up hiking! Started doing some research online...Looks like it's going to be Bear Mountain within the next few weeks!! Just in time for fall folliage.

So listen...everyone out there...have an inspiring day! Until next time....Susan


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