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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Good Advise....

Mornin' Everyone...

Thank you again for all of you incredible emails!!! I hope that I'm able to guide you in the right direction and help all of you with this incredible and wonderful journey!!!

So I realized something this morning as I was walking to get a cup of coffee at 6:15am.....walking. This miraculous activity that so many of us take for granted is not only good for our health, but great for our emotional health as well. As most of you know by now...this transition from Durham, NC and the Rice Diet Program to New York hasn't been easy for many, many reasons. I figured out this morning that this week alone I walked almost 30 miles. 30 MILES!!!!! I can't even believe it!! That is one major advantage of living in NY and being in NYC. Everything is about walking. However, I have also included that walking in my own home area. For instance...instead of driving to get a cup of coffee this morning...I walked. I could have very easily drove. It's about 1/4 mile each way. I walked the other day to the post office. I would have very easily drove. I rode my bicycle to the beach the other day...12 miles in total. I could have very easily drove!! (By the about emotional health! Take a walk/bike ride to a natural habitat and you'll see how LITTLE your problems become!!!)

So my advise for everyone this morning is take that extra walk. Somewhere. When I was almost 500 pounds that "little walk" was an extra couple steps. Whatever that "little walk" is for you at this moment in time...take it! Claim it! Only you can take it!!! You'll be surprised how much better you feel, emotionally and physically!!!!

Have a great day everyone!!!!!

Keep me posted!!! Warmly, Susan :)


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