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Sunday, May 21, 2006

It's Sunday Night in New York

Hi Everyone!

I can't believe this time three weeks ago I was driving up the Southern State Parkway in New York headed to my new apartment and my new life. Thinner, happier, more focused, emotionally healthy and scared....very scared.

It's been three weeks and life is actually OK. I've lost 5 pounds since being here. Not too bad. I said before I left that if I stayed the same weight for 2 months after I got back I would be happy. We'll see...I still have 5 weeks to go! As per Dr. Neelon's last words to me, "If you do one thing, always, promise me you will weight yourself every day." I said yes....and if you say "yes" to Dr. Neelon, you better mean it and you better do it. So far, I've weighed myself every single day...even on the days when I REALLLYYY didn't want too! I was refreshed to find solace in knowing what that extra serving of pasta or that bag of no salt potatoe chips "cost" me on the scale. It's never as bad as you think. Really!!! I've gone through the hard times and now I'm getting geared up for structure in my life!!

How is everyone doing??!!! Thank you so much for all of your emails!!! They are amazing stories and all of you are amazing people! Keep up the good work!

I'll be adding some more pics and recipes in the weeks to come! My computer is up and running so I'll keep you posted as to what I'm finding out on "the outside!"

Keep me posted!!!! Warmly, Susan


At 9:22 PM, Blogger Tampons and Ramen said...

Saw you in First--got your blog off amazons Rice Diet reviews.
I've lost 50 lbs doing McDougall, have about 20 to go. Was considering The Rice Diet just to speed up the process. Dr. McDougall promoted the rice diet too.

I'm just glad that there are others promoting a healthy way of eating as a lifestyle, rather than the unhealthy 'diets' out there. Congratulations. I know its not easy. But so worth it to be able to shop in the normal section of a clothing store rather than the plus!

At 9:28 PM, Blogger flea23 said...

Good luck on your diet.

Never been to New York.

I'm just an old flea, bout near 2000000 years old (in flea yers)

Stumbled across your blog. It is very interesting. Again, Good Luck.

the wordmaster


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