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The Lies We Tell Others...The Lies We Tell Ourselves.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

MEN! here's the deal. When I was 468.1 pounds I dreamed that I would get thin, again, and would have no problem meeting a great guy. Now that I'm sexy, vivacious AND have the same funny, loyal and kind personality that I always did...where are the guys????? Where are you hiding? I'm not talking about the psychos! I've had dates with them! The nice, normal, smart, ready-to-get settle down with the right girl - guy? Don't get me wrong, losing the weight was the best thing I could have EVER done....but a girl is getting lonely! LOLO! (Funny, but not really!)

Anyway....I'm sure "he's" out there just waiting for the right time to scoop (punn intended...get it ice cream!) me up! Until then, I'll go out with the same fun loving attitude that I wake up with every day...because really...what in the heck is there to complain about!!!!

Hope everyone is having a great week!!! Keep me posted!

Warmly, Susan


At 8:06 PM, Blogger Andy said...

Just started looking at your blog tonight, and have gone back to look at some of the archived sections. Best of luck on the drive to the final 45. As you seem to have been saying, you need the time for yourself to get where you need to be. When you get there the right guy will be waiting.


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