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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Day 3...Time is marching on...

Quote of the day:

If you don't know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else.

Laurence J. Peter.

Day 3

Starting: 45 pounds to lose
Loss/Gain: -2.8**
Pounds remaining: 41.1
Total for week 10/1 - 10/8:

Vitamins: Yes

Todays Grateful List:

1. a beautiful day
2. a great job
3. peace of mind (saw some people talking to themselves on the way to work. Makes you appreciate your sanity!)

Physical: 1/2 hour in the AM at gym and 1 hour tonight with trainer
Spiritual: Morning Prayer


**I really would like to put a disclaimer right about now on my blog.I take a very aggressive approach to weight loss that some might think is too aggressive...hence losing just about 4 pounds in 2 days. So here's the skinny (punn intended)..I eat very low sodium (50-200mgs per day..the average American consumes 3000-6000mgs per day), 1000-1200 calories per day and work out very efficiently. I have 2 trainers and belong to 3 gyms. I would not suggest that someone do this on there own. A very low sodium diet needs to be understood and monitored either by you or your doctor. I have also been eating this way for over 3 years. This doesn't mean that I won't ever eat a slice of me..I have and I will again! I have proven, to myself, that I can maintain my weight through exercise and a 1600-1800 calorie diet....which includes pizza! I have never felt as healthy as I do now...and I've been athletic basically all my life. The reason I am writing this disclaimer is because the first couple weeks I will be showing a large weight loss...most of it is sodium loss...with some fat loss as well. After the first two weeks I'm hoping to achieve a 2 pound fat weight loss. Anyway...just wanted to give some clarity!**

So where was I...

I had a hard time sleeping last night. It might have been from the 14 hours of sleep the night before! So I had about 5 hours sleep and was bright and bushy tailed for this mornings work out. There is something about getting up and walking into the fall air at 6am that just makes you glad that you're alive. It was so crisp outside, so quiet, the birds were still chirping and the leaves are just about to start to fall.

Felt kinda strange though this morning. Sort of like that feeling I had in Trader Joe's when I felt my life shift. It's all good, trust me, but I guess it's a little unnerving as well. The unknown. What to expect about meeting my goal. I think I've just thought about it way too much. Going to make it a point to just going to go with the flow.

Looking into my hiking club today and hopefully will do some hiking this Sunday! Regardless, I gotta get to the mountains this weekend!!

So listen..everyone have a great day! Next report in 24 hours!


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