Confessions of A Carb Queen

The Lies We Tell Others...The Lies We Tell Ourselves.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Ida Stanley March 9th 9:13am

Hi Ida!!!

I loved your email!!! Thank you and thank you for being positive! We need more positive people in this world!

You can do it. You will see that this program is not only a diet, but you will want to eat this way the rest of your life. I have NEVER felt better! NEVER! I rarely feel hunger, my skin looks amazing and I just want to scream this way of life at the top of a mountain! Like the article said, "OBESITY CURE!" It really is!!!! This program has been around since 1939. They are doing SOMETHING right! It was just waiting for me to come and do it so I can get it out there to the rest of the world!!!! LOLO!! Kidding! well...maybe! :)

Anyway...seriously are MY inspiration! You have taken a courageous step! Don't worry about being one is! Just keep both hands of the steering wheel!

Keep me posted as to how you are doing!!!!! Susan


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