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Monday, March 13, 2006

Anonymous March 9th 10:40am

Hi A!

Ahhh...exercise! Yes!!! I love it. Always did though!

So here's the deal....exercise is a funny thing. When I first got here at 468.1 pounds. I could barely walk. So I decided not to do anything until my feet didn't hurt anymore and I could breath better. That was about for the first 3 months. By then I was just about 100 pounds lighter. I started to walk. As far as I could for as long as I could. Once I got to the low 300's I got a weight trainer and a pilates trainer. Expensive I know, but well worth the money! I figured I was saving all the money that I used to spend on food!!! I continued to walk and walk and walk. Then I started walking hills or steps...anything that pushed me harder.

I did all of this while still working 2 jobs here!!!! So trust me, it can be done if you want it bad enough!!!!

Skin sagging...another GREAT question! I get asked that all the time. What you don't see is that I do need a tummy tuck and boobs...let's just say they have seen better days!! LOLOL!!! I will be having some plastic surgery to correct those problems, but if you consider someone who has lost as much weight as I have...frankly...I look really good!

But here it goes... It's part genes, part hydration, part supplements, part exercise, part diet and part positive attitude. Genes are're born with those! You have to drink lots and lots and lots of water! Not just liquids...sorry diet coke doesn't count!!! I take fish oil and a multi vitamin. Do your own research on Omega 3 fatty'll see the benefit that is has on your skin! Exercise...VERY IMPORTANT! Weight training especially! Diet...The Rice Diet Program promotes health. Once you begin the program you will know what I mean. Your skin feels so much better! May sound crazy...but try it...then you'll know what I mean! Positive attitude...well...what more can I say about that! I'm really not a walking exclammation point, but I look at life with the glass 1/2 full. I'd rather smile than frown. Frankly, I have my health back, what could be so bad???

Hope that helps!!! Let me know if I can answer any other great questions!!! Susan


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