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Friday, March 17, 2006

Lazy Hazy Fridays!!

Hi Everyone!

I can't tell you again how inspiring all of you are! I have gotten over 100 emails sent to me and I've been up past 1:00am almost every morning emailing every single person back! Your stories are my stories. I could relate to almost ever persons story because I've been every weight from 160-468! I know what you are all going through and it's something I STILL struggle with every day!! Really! It sucks! I don't want it to be hard anymore, but it is. I have to be honest. I'm human! The difference is that I am motivated by something much more powerful than oreos (although..come on..they are pretty good!), pizza (my neminsis!) and fast food (don't EVEN get me started!!!) . I'm motivated by exercise, motivated by health and motivated by wanting the kind of life that I see so many people having that I never had when I was obese.

I'm not preaching...TRUST ME! Because it's hard every second at times. You just need to change your motivation. Let me hear from you guys as to what is motivating you to change. Why go on a new lifestyle change? What are you sick and tired of?

I want to help. I can't tell you the response I have been getting. They are truly amazing!

Go for a walk before dinner everyone!!!! Doesn't matter how long or how short, just take a second (or a 1/2 hour!!) for yourself!

Keep me posted!!! Susan :)


At 8:40 PM, Blogger slcherian said...

Hello! I think its awsome what you have done. I have three sisters of whom were all overweight and of whom all have had that gastric bypass surgery. Two have lost the weight one has done it a healthy way (by diet and exercising and changing bad eating habits). The other lost the weight but was not healthy. She would overeat and then be sick. And then blame the surgey. This is three years out. The other lost 100 lbs and did not exercise but she has now gained some of it back and crazily wants to have the surgery again. Iam overweight but I dont want to do it this way. I have six kids (boys) and I want a more simple way of loosing the weight. Im now at 310 lbs. I have started this week just walking a mile a day. I can already feel the difference in how I feel while walking. A lot of the diets now want you to eat 6 meals a day. Thats just not for me. I cant plan that well. Im a stay at home mom that does not stay at home. Our oldest is 15 and youngest is 5 months. I homeschool my second oldest son and between dentist, ortho and just plain old chores (bills) I stay so busy I cant do the six meals thing. If one calls and they are sick I run. Sometimes its hard to get the 3 meals in.
Is this a for real diet. Ive never yoyoed! I just felt I would just stay fat rather than to loose and gain. I believe now is the time. Im 36 and I need to be in shape. I dont hate myself, I just want to be healthy for my family and to feel good physically. I use to be very active. I want that back again. Ive read some of what others have asked. I do worry about the hanging skin. My one sister wasnt as large as Iam. My other wasnt as large as Iam but she did have some hanging skin. She just have a tummy tuck. I dont want to go through that. I guesss Ill cross that bridge when I get to it. Well thanks for hearing me out. I have a few friends that need to lose a little weight but nothing like I need to lose and think I just wish I only had that much to loose. Well have a good night.

At 10:38 AM, Anonymous Becky said...

First of all CONGRATS!!! You are truly amazing!! I've read the article and am going to try the diet. As far as spices, I can use anything as long as it is sodium free, correct? You are my inspiration! I can't believe I'm going to post this, but I am at 483 lbs and am ready to do something about it! Reading your story and seeing that YOU did it made me realize that I CAN DO IT, too!! Thank You so much for sharing yor story!! Any other tips or hints you can give will be greatly appreciated!! OH! Can I still drink my coffee in the morning??????

At 2:39 PM, Anonymous Leesa Gent said...

Hi Susan!
I live in Dundas, Ontario, Canada and I just picked up the March 21 issue of Woman's World! You are amazing and I congratulate you on all your hard work. You are an inspiration to me and I want to thank you. I have also been fighting with my weight for so long now I cann't remember when it started. I am going to order this book and follow the eating plan that is printed in the woman's world magazine (going to NC is out of reach for me) I would like to stay in touch with you so you can give me tips etc. Thanks again!!

At 9:40 PM, Blogger Marie said...

Hello Susan:

Let me first begin with you look wonderful! Your success is truly inspiring. Having seen the amount of weight that you lost makes me feel that it is possible for me to achieve my goal. I need to loose about 110 lbs. I started the rice diet twice last week. I only managed to be completely successful one full day and two half days, which resulted in a 3 lb weight loss. So here I am again. I restarted today and have managed to stay on all day. I'm doing the jumpstart. I am attempting to do it for 10 days as I have no health problems that would prevent me from doing such. My question to you is, does eating starch and fruit with no taste get any easier? I keep thinking my goodness if I can't last for more than one day how will I manage it long enough to get to my goal. I know that this is a lot to dump on someone that does not know me, but I really need the encouragement and support from someone who has been there! At this point I am desperate. My unhappiness with my weight is robbing me daily of living a healthy life and of precious self-confidence. Please help. Thank you for listening.


At 1:50 PM, Anonymous wendy said...

hi my name is wendy i saw the article in womens world and would love to try this diet i am so ready for a life style change and to start excersing can you please let me know of some good web sites that would give me more info in this diet or can you tell me a bit more info i am 23 and weigh 350 lbs. and i want to weigh 150 lbs i am 5'3" and being that short and fat doesnt look very good i hate the way i look and really with all my heart am ready to change thanks i am looking forward to hear from you.

thanks wendy

At 8:13 AM, Blogger angie said...

Just wanted to say goodmaorning and let you know that I have started the program at home. I feel great already.

At 3:33 PM, Anonymous NAOMI said...



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